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Mr.Kevor McKenzie
2700 Hazelhurst Ave
United States United States
Phone : (800) 936-1477

Diversified Recycling is a provider of IT asset disposition, e-waste and consumer electronics management for consumers nationwide as well as South and Central America. Our services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely managing the disposition and return of electronics in an environmentally compliant manner. A full chain of custody security framework, online asset tracking, and certified environmental compliance, Diversified Recycling provides its corporate institutional customers seamless, cost-effective, secure and sustainable electronics asset management solutions.

Electronic waste recycling business is in all areas of the developed world a large and rapidly consolidating business. Part of this evolution has involved greater diversion of electronic waste from energy-intensive downcycling processes, where equipment is reverted to a raw material form. This diversion is achieved through reuse and refurbishing.

Would like to purchase scrap wire aluminum copper brass and stainless steel at in a large quantity and would like to network with junk dealers

Our mission is to provide our customers with seamless solutions for maximizing return and minimizing the risks associated with data security and improper handling of end of life electronics.

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