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E-waste Harvesters

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Ms.Kate Campbell
3750 E Grove Street
United States United States
Phone : +480-704-4683
Fax : +602-476-1604

E-Waste Harvesters, serves small, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, banking industry, hospitals, food services, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and concerned citizens with the best solution for electronic computer recycling, by providing the following:
     Customized asset management and asset tracking throughout the reclamation process.
     Certificates of Recycling or Destruction.
     Maximum value recovery from the disposition of your IT assets.
     Best in class end-of-life electronics recycling.
     A viable alternative to e-waste in our landfills
     Reuse, Recycling or Refurbish. We have the processes in place for all three.
     Our shredding system insures total destruction of assets for those clients who need it.
Contact us to develop an asset management and disposition program that meets your specific requirements.

Hard Drive Destruction
E-Waste Harvesters on-site destruction provides clean and secure destruction of hard drives, cell phones, backup tapes, DLT, LTO, thumb drives and other data storage devices. This destruction process may be witnessed by a client representative to ensure all organizational requirements are being met. Our destruction unit arrives in one of our E-Waste Harvesters trucks and is operated by one of our friendly and helpful technicians. After the initial hard drive destruction, all materials are then securely transported back to E-Waste Harvesters processing facilities to undergo 100% electronic recycling.

Service Plans
To reduce the overall business, environmental, financial and legal risks that is associated with asset disposition, E-Waste Harvesters has developed three distinct levels of service to meet your individual requirements:Platinum Asset Disposition and Value Recovery The platinum service is designed to meet the needs of Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The platinum service captures the maximum residual value of IT assets through our wide-ranging of remarketing programs. It also features: • Comprehensive data security and destruction • Environmentally friendly disposal • Indemnification against all data security and environmental compliance risks • Full featured reporting with customizable features • service level agreements to meet your needs • Logistics coordination and support,Gold Asset Disposition Gold asset service is designed for businesses that are not concerned with recovering residual value of their IT assets, but still require compliance to regulations and protection from environmental risk, along with a high level of customer service. Our Gold service includes all the features of the platinum service except the value recovery program.

Silver Asset Disposition Silver asset disposition is a smart, cost-effective solution for environmentally friendly disposition of IT assets for companies that require complete data security and piece count reporting, but do not need the same level of services provided in our other programs such as indemnification protections, reporting, and service level agreements.

E-Waste Harvesters did not just decide to open a recycling company because it seemed like the thing to do. E-Waste opened after accumulating over a decade of experience with a company that had 27 years in the business. Sadly enough that company was acquired and E-Waste Harvesters was born out of the necessity to keep the same high standards alive. Over 50% of the people that were with that company found themselves migrating to E-Waste Harvesters to become its rock solid backbone. As E-Waste Harvesters continues to grow, we still abide by the rules of good business “customer service.

” E-Waste Harvesters has been committed to recycling and reducing landfill waste since the company's inception. Our approach to recycling has been developed on principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We aim to be innovators in recycling through the development and implementation of best practices for reuse, recycling and disposal. We have identified key waste streams that arise from the proper processing of E-Waste. We constantly monitor the waste streams we collect and are always searching for new recycling options.Our goal is to help our clients avoid sending waste to landfill sites and as a company have adopted a zero landfill policy. We are committed to the refinement of our recycling and environmental processes in order to further reduce the impact of E-waste on the environment.

We are collectors and sellers of E-Waste this includes computers monitors printers laptops cables boards phones and computer parts. Also included is POS equipment. We will pick up anywhere in the United States as long as you have a truck load of at least 30,000 pounds. One call.

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