Items we sell

General General scrapAluminum Foil, Batteries, Beverage Can,Brass and Bronze, Cooking Oil and Grease, Food and Beverage Cans,Nickel and Cobalt, Oils and Petrochemical,, Oversized Tires, Rubber Tubes, Sheet Iron, Shredded Tires, Used Auto parts, Used Automotive Oil, Zinc
Paper General scrapCardboards
Plastic General scrapMilk and Water Jugs, Old Cable or Old Cordage, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bubble Bags, Plastic Cans, Plastic Covers,Plastic Machine Parts, Plastic Newspaper, Bags, Plastic Poly Bags

Items we buy

General General scrapAluminum Foil, Beverage Can,Brass and Bronze, Food and Beverage Cans,Lead, Magnesium, Nickel and Cobalt, Oils and Petrochemical, Rubber Tubes, Sheet Iron, Steel and Tin, Used Automotive Oil, Zinc
Plastic General scrapMilk and Water Jugs, Old Cable or Old Cordage, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Cans, Plastic Newspaper, Bags, Plastic Poly Bags
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Mr.Tariq Abdullah
Po Box 8344
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Phone : +966-3-8180122

Saudi Materials Recycling Company Limited (SAMARCO) is a Gold Member of BIR (Bureau of International Recyclers). The company activity includes Collecting, Grading and recycling all types of Ferrous Metals, Plastics, Paper, Rubber, Electronics scrap and surplus materials.

State of the art machinery and equipment is used to process Metals and other materials efficiently from Grading, shredding, separation, baling, packing to metallurgy, laboratory testing and quality control. Taking into consideration our emphasis and commitment to conduct our operations in accordance with the international standards to preserve and protect our environment.

Our operations are carried out from three locations in Saudi Arabia including Dammam, Jubail and Yanbu. Our commitment to high quality products and excellent service helped us penetrate through various markets including India, Europe, USA, Korea, China and Taiwan.

We are a company based in Saudi Arabia.Dealing in Plastics and metal scraps. We collect, process, recycle and export all types of scrap metals

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