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South African Recycling Equipment

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Suite 9, Douglas Crowe Avenue, Silverstone Way, Ballito
South Africa South Africa
Phone : +27-32-9460409

South African Recycling Equipment  can importers of recycling machinery, and exporters of all waste materials. we offer full waste management consultancy for all waste demolition, recycling, fixed term contracts, and cradle to grave operations to industry and our neighboring African states. we are ISO 14000 rated, and have a vast history with in our local markets to be south Africa number one recycling pioneers. we service through out Africa, and are more than willing to assist in any operational requests which are required with in Africa, as we have the experience one needs to operate in all African states, as we understand the culture we are dealing with. this is very important for foreign investors who wish to participate in Africa.

Waste management is the collection, transportation, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials.SARE offers customers and businesses the opportunity to use our knowledge and experience to improve your waste management systems. This can be in the form of machine maintenance, as well as the development of customized waste minimization plans to reduce companies wastage issues and create profits from waste.

E-Waste (electronic and electric waste) includes computers, entertainment electronics, mobile phones, household appliances, and; less obvious items such as spent fluorescent tubes, batteries and battery operated toys that have been discarded by their original user.SARE purchases E-Waste Recyclables and recycles all waste to be re-used.Current E-Waste projects: South African National Defence Force (SANDF) E-Waste Contract,For more information, please feel free to contact us

SARE’s machinery is insured with maintenance plans and warranties by our distributors. If your machinery or plant equipment however does not fall under this bracket or is out of the maintenance plan, feel free to contact us for a quotation for services and parts.
Shredders mono-shaft series PMG characterized by “HIGH CUTTING EFFICIENCY”, thanks to the various combinations of shaft, power, screen-size, magnetic separation, etc, can process different kinds of materials:electric cables with either copper or aluminium, non-ferrous metals, rubber, plastic materials, wood, composite materials, paper, etc.The production capacity ranges from 300 to 3000 kg/h.

Also Guidetti introduces its new conveyor belt equipped with magnetic pulley or magnetic overband, the ideal solution to remove iron parts and to avoid damages during further grinding processes. It is available in different sizes, either standard or custom-made, according to customer needs.The new W.E.E.E. System has been designed to recover metals coming from waste electrical and electronic equipment. Environmentally friendly, compact and innovative, it represents a big step towards pollution reduction thanks to the recovery of raw materials.Guidetti’s CAESAR line of crushers has been designed for the crushing of inerts:

They can be utilized in small city building yards, with a lack of space. Only one operator is needed. They are equipped with a radio remote control and tracks. The crushed inerts can be re-utilized in the same working area, thus avoiding the transport costs.Thanks to the low working costs,the operating costs are greatly reduced.The costs of landfilling are completely avoided.All on site work is carried out by a fully trained and competent staff, adhering to all health and safety policies and standards.Our professional team will carry out a fully comprehensive risk assessment and compile a health and safety profile before commencing any work done on site.

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