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Why JunkYard?

RIM Junkyard is a marketplace for Junk and salvage materials. Here you will find junk yards, salvage yards, junk dealers, offers to buy and sell salvage parts and junk materials. You can request for parts for Free! which will be sent to respective suppliers ensuring a competitive pricing from numerous junk, salvage dealers. You save money and get the best!


If you have a SPAM blocker associated with your email, you have to permit,,, Similarly add these emails to your whitelist if you have a hotmail or yahoo account. Only then you will receive all the business leads and correspondence.

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How to Benefit from RIM Junk Yards?

We will send buyer requirement for parts to junk yards and salvage yards who have opted to receive business leads. You can choose to receive business leads for items of your choice and depending on geographical locations. At anytime you can add or remove the items of your choice to receive business leads. All the enquiries for your business listing and offers to buy and sell are routed into your email directly and total correspondence is recorded in your "MY JY" section.

You should monitor the email requests and enquiries to extract the maximum business from our service. You should respond to the enquiries for your offers to buy and sell salvage parts and junk materials in time. Take extra care in providing the description of your business and selecting the right categories wherever applicable. We provide you with the total contact details of any business response ensuring you a very transparent deal. We do not interfere in your business deal nor we charge anything for the business done through the site.

Our parent site is a great success and we have started this service on repeated requests from RIM members. The services we offer here is different from RIM. So if you are an existing RIM member, you need to register at RIM Junk Yards to avail the services of the Junk-Yard section.

Please send in your comments and suggestion to provide you a better service.