What is an Inquiry Basket and how can I use it?

When you have an common Inquiry to 2 or more companies (*20 Max) you need not to contact the companies individually. Rather you can add them into the Inquiry Basket and send all the inquiries by submitting the Inquiry once. Our system will send the Inquiry to all the companies added in the Inquiry Basket. It works similar to a shopping cart.

You have to select the Offers/Companies for which you would like to send Inquiry and click the "Add to Inquiry Basket" button which adds the Offers/Companies. Once you are finished with adding you can send all your inquiries at one time. The Inquiry Basket link is available on top of all the pages with the number of Offers/Companies available in the basket at that time.

The Inquiry Basket will be available only on the particular session. ie All the items in Inquiry Basket will be flushed when you close the browser or leave the site. So please send your inquiries as soon as you finish adding the Offers/Inquiries.