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    A Bargain Used Auto Parts Inc.

    A Bargain Used Auto Parts Inc. no of stars  
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    We sell used parts for late model foreign and domestic cars and trucks. We also buy and sellscap ...>>

    Local Seller(United States)
    12735 Cairo Lane, Opa Locka , United States United States
    +1-305-6858846 +1-305-6878819
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    Abe Auto Recycling

    Abe Auto Recycling no of stars  
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    Abe Auto Recycling sell quality new, used and after market parts for all makes and models. Our sales staff has great knowledge ...>>

    Local Seller(Canada)
    2532 Concession Rd 3, Bowmanville , Canada Canada
    +713-992-9372 +905-697-8118
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    Aiv Corp

    Aiv Corp no of stars  
    0 Review

    Buying and selling copper scrap, used steel, aluminum, catalyst converters, plastics, non ferrous ...>>

    Local Seller(United States)
    Pob 940007, Belle Harbor , United States United States
    +1-718-3180994 +1-718-9450155
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    Aleana Electronic

    Aleana Electronic no of stars  
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    I would like to buy used parts, Scrap metal, junk yards/ salvage Yards and Rubber conveyor belt of oil from USA to ship to Vietnam. I have some ...>>

    Local Seller(United States)
    6253 Cardiff Street, Philadelphia , United States United States
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    Benny Industries

    Benny Industries no of stars  
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    We are looking for all compressors scrap in bulk quantity if you can supply please contact us ...>>

    Local Seller(India)
    4th Floor, Dharmaraj Complex, Nagercoil , India India
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    Boneyard Scrap Metals

    Boneyard Scrap Metals no of stars  
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    Boneyard Scrap Metals is a leading scrap dealing company located in Chatsworth, United States. We have been dealing with over ...>>

    Local Seller(United States)
    1524 Smyrna Ramhurst Road., Chatswort , United States United States
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    East West Metal Inc

    East West Metal Inc no of stars  
    0 Review

    We are a buyer of any type of scrap (hms1&2, hms1, used rail, used dry batteries, scrap paper etc. We buy directly from the yard owners ...>>

    Local Seller(Canada)
    6 Fox Hollow Rd, Bramalea , Canada Canada
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    Ic Communications, Inc

    Ic Communications, Inc no of stars  
    0 Review

    IC Communications, Inc. specializes in wireless telecommunications products, electronic scrap and battery scrap. We have ...>>

    Local Seller(United States)
    4230 Industrial Center Lane Bldg 100, Acworth , United States United States
    +866-639-9569 +770-966-7160
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    Metal Commercial Services Limited

    Metal Commercial Services Limited no of stars  
    0 Review

    We operate a big junk yard where we sell metal scraps and brass honey scraps, interested dealer/buyers should contact ...>>

    Local Seller(United Kingdom)
    52 Upper Street, London , United Kingdom United Kingdom
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    Metior World Wide

    Metior World Wide no of stars  
    0 Review

    Buying and selling scrap used and waist vehicles commercial plant private company or military surplus ships cranes tankers and miscellaneous ...>>

    Local Seller(United Kingdom)
    17 Denesyde Medomsley Consett Co Durham, Consett , United Kingdom United Kingdom