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All American Classics, Inc.

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15209 NE Fourth Plain Road
United States United States
Phone : +18009554999
Fax : +13602535986

All American Classics, Inc. opened its doors for business July 5th, 1989. In 1985, ten acres were carved out of what used to be the family dairy farm since 1947 and converted to what would ultimately be the storage area for classic autos and trucks from the 1930s through the 1980s. The picture above shows the farm with its prior owners as it looked around 1930. The barn where cows were once milked, was extended and converted to our showroom and storage facility for new, used, and reproduction parts. We had approximately 250 cars and trucks when we opened the doors for business, and by the end of the year we had over 500. We were told that the sources for older vehicles would dry up, and that we would never fill 10 acres with the years of vehicles we wanted to specialize in. Just a few years later, our 10 acres were filled and it was time to expand. In 1996, we doubled the size of the wrecking yard to 20 acres and it was once again filled within several years. Today, we have 3000 classic vehicles being parted out, and the older vehicles are still coming in.

We knew that to succeed in this business, we not only had to stick to the things that we knew - classic vehicles - but we also had to be technologically up to date as well. In 1989, we were one of the very few wrecking yards in the Northwest that had the Hollander Yard Management System installed for complete computerized control of our vehicle parts inventory. Today, the Hollander System is the standard by which most wrecking yards run. The same Hollander System allows us to be connected with over 3000 other auto recyclers through their EDEN part locating service, and to the millions of Internet users around the world.

Our Working Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 Closed: Saturday & Sunday

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