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Baekyoung Developement And Trading Corporation

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Mr.Simon Sampana
Mcarthur Highway Anupul, Bamban Tarlac
Tarlac, Luzon-2317
Philippines Philippines
Phone : +63-045-9250019
Fax : +-045-9250019

BYDTC provides a full range of comprehensive scrap management services and technically advanced scrap handling equipment so that we continue in serving local junkshops throughout the Philippines and be able to make innovations and serve as exporters around the world. Demand for scrap metals is being driven by developing countries like China, India, Dubai, Turkey and Russia, which now consume more metals than they can produce. Interestingly, scrap metal is now the second-largest U.S. export to China. BYDTC is processing and recycling used beverage cans, canned goods, dairy products, damaged galvanized iron sheets and composite metal scrap from industrial or manufacturing companies, recycling centers and independent scrap dealers or junkshops.

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