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Paper General scrapPVC PE PP PET ABS Mixed
Plastic General scrapMilk and Water Jugs, Old Cable or Old Cordage, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bubble Bags, Plastic Cans, Plastic Canvas, Plastic Covers,Plastic Newspaper, Bags, Plastic Poly Bags, Plastic Zipper Bags
Electronics General scrapMother board PCB

Bina Usaha Mandiri, CV.

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Kp. Pangkalan no.6 Semanan, Kali Deres
West Jakarta-11000
Indonesia Indonesia
Phone : 62-21-9237553
Fax : 62-21-9237553

Computer parts : Motherboard, PCB, hard disk, vga sound card keyboard cd rom power supply. plastics : PE PET PP HDPE PVC ABS LDPE GPPS MDPE Nylon Vynil Mixed Tons available, please inquire for price list and quantity. continuous buyers are welcome.

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