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Mr.Roland Brown
252 Uemoulen & Andacs Str, Ladres Bldg
South Africa South Africa
Phone : +27-734-369983

We are a trading company that deals in Used Rails, HMS 1&2. This is the details below: ISRI USA GOST 2787-75 Russia HMS 1&2 ( 80/20) IRSI 200-206 Steel scrap defined as HMS 1 & 2 in an 80/20 mix under IRSI codes 200 through 206. Nonmetal impurities total 1% (one percent) or less - no radiation, arms, ammunition, bombs, shells, mines, cartridges, sealed gas cylinders. High carbon steel is not included in this scrap -we sell that as a separate item. HMS 1 - IRSI CODES HMS 1 - IRSI Code 200: Heavy melting steel. Wrought iron and/or steel scrap ¼ inch or steel scrap ¼ inch and over in thickness. Individual pieces not over 60 x 24 inches (charging box size) prepared in a manner to insure compact charging. Used Rails R50 - R65 Chemical Composition Used Rails: C: 0,54-0,82 Si.: 0,18-0,40 Mn: 0,60-1,05 S: 0.04 max P.: 0,035 max As.: 0,01 max of Mass share Norms: R-50 GOST-7173-75 and R-65 GOST-8165-75 The scrap consists of R-50 (51,67 kg/m) R-65 ( 64,72 kg/m ) Used Rail ISRI 27-29 ISRI-CODES:

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