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10212 Richmond Highway
United States United States
Phone : +17035509440
Fax : +18662142175

The Meinhardt Family has owned and operated Brandywine Automotive Centers for 88 years. The company is dedicated to giving the consumer the best product and service in the used auto parts industry. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is the best example of this. Please allow us to assist you in your automotive needs.

What We Do
We always strive to give the best customer service possible. Our sales associates have more than 800 combined years of experience selling used auto parts. Our 300 dedicated employees have over 2000 combined years of service! We have specialists in all areas of the business arena, from our yard personnel who ensure that the parts you request are available to you and that they remain in good condition, to our inventory staff, who ensure that all parts for sale are cataloged and entered into our inventory management system. Our administrative team provides our customers with billing and bookkeeping services, while our title staff keep track of the thousands of vehicles received every year. That's why we should be your choice on your next auto parts purchase.

Deliveries Daily
Our delivery fleet provides service between all of our locations and everywhere in-between. Our professional delivery staff is one of the most efficient in the industry and our trucks, equipped with a sophisticated GPS tracking system, are tracked by computer and we are able to tell you where your order is and an estimated time of arrival.

With 15 used auto parts centers and thousand's of cars dismantled every year, Brandywine is one of the largest sources for used auto parts in the country. We also have access, through our database, to over 2500 auto recyclers in the U.S.

Brandywine Automotive Centers has available both new and used auto parts. It is our hope that through this web site you will have a better understanding of how used auto parts can benefit you.

Brandywine Automotive Centers actively engage in auto recycling. What is auto recycling? The automotive recycling industry plays a necessary and crucial role in the efficient, ecological disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.

Used Parts Are Very Green
Used auto parts make sense for the consumer. When purchasing used auto parts from Brandywine you will receive our Lifetime Warranty on most of our products. The used auto parts industry has evolved into a major distributor of automotive products.

Brandywine has become a leader in automotive recycling. Brandywine operates 15 used auto parts centers in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We specialize in quality used auto parts. We also operate new automotive parts centers, we rent contractors equipment & tools and we sell used heavy trucks and equipment. By utilizing used auto parts for your automotive needs you also can make a difference on the environment.

Brandywine has been supplying the community with guaranteed used parts for over 80 years. We strive to give our customers the best possible service. We guarantee 24 hour shipping from the time of your order. Our sales associates have more than 800 combined years of experience selling used auto parts.

We do appreciate your interest in our company and the used auto parts industry.

Our Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30Am To 5:00Pm, Saturday 8:00Am To 2:00Pm

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