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Dalian Shengda Plastics Industry Co.,ltd.

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Waste paper:
Our paper processing base with 220, 135 smart professional paper balers, weighbridge, forklift and other specialized facilities and equipment, the processing capacity is 20 tons per year of recycling waste paper sorting, packing briquetting and provide high-quality raw materials for paper-making enterprises. The main varieties are newsprint, fine paper, cardboard and so on.
Scrap plastic:
Our scrap plastic processing base with advanced, environmentally friendly waste plastic crushing, washing, drying, molding production lines, and strict quality management system for injection molding, blow molding, chemical fiber enterprises to provide high-quality recycling raw materials, can also be based on customer demand for processing the corresponding products. The main products are PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PS, ABS resin and other recycling raw materials.
Scrap metal:
We through purchasing scrap metal on the domestic and importing "the seventh" scrap metal (scrap copper,scrap aluminum, scrap iron and steel), after dismantling, processing in order to provide scrap iron and steel and scrap non-ferrous metal (scrap copper, scrap aluminum) and so on for productive enterprises., Scrap Plastic, Scrap Metal.

PET flakes, LDPE film, PP, PC, HDPE etc.

Domestic renewable resources recovery business
'Ximin' chain recovery - community renewable resources chain recovery business
The 'Ximin' renewable resources chain recovery projects operated by Dalian 'Ximin' Recycling Resources Chain Co.,Ltd was combinated by new network project—renewable redources recycling network project?«Dalian renewable resources Chain recovery web projects»and <Dalian city garbage classification recycling project >, Responsible for the recycled the recycling resourses of commuunity residents and business enterprises which have in life and production, assume the functions of the acquisition source of recycling resources.
Dalian 'Ximin' Recycling Resources Chain Co. ,Ltd was home appliance recycling(change new with old) business enterprises designated by Dalian municipal services committee, undertake dalian policy home appliance recycling business(change new with old).
The recycling business of large customers
Configuring professional waste recycling facilities for production units such as large supermarkets, shopping malls, business enterprises and government departments and so on, providing individualized service plan of recycling resources, achieving harmony win-win and green business model. Main customers are: Dalian Municipal Government, Dalian TV Station, Dashang Group, Wal-Mart, IKEA, Dongbei Special Steel Group and so on.
The other place recycling business
Relying on the network and storage & logistics base of our recycling processing and utilization, expand to Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shandong etc. oncircum-Bohai sea region and three province of northeast China.Carried out the main varieties of recycling resources of waste paper,scrap plastic, scrap metal and established the channels of renewable resources.
Foreign renewable resources recovery business
“the seventh”(scrap metal)import business
Dalian Shengda Recycling Resources Co., Ltd.has owned “the seventh”scrap metal(scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scrap iron and steel) business qualification which has issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection.Now we have been established a stable operating channels with Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the United States and Europe and other countries and regions.
“the tenth”(scrap plastic)import business
Dalian Shengda Plastics Industry Co.,Ltd.has owned “the tenth”scrap plastic(PE,PP,PET,PS ABS and so on) business qualification which has issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection.These years have been established a stable operating channels with 4 continents over the years with more than 20 global countries and regions

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