Items we buy

General General scrapBatteries,Brass and Bronze, Exotic Metals, Minerals, Nickel and Cobalt, Precious Metals, Used Auto parts, Copper,Printed Circuit Boards,Integrated Circuits,X-Ray Films Components,Copper Wire,#1 & #2 Copper,Aluminum Rims,Old Siding,Brass Components, Clean Stainless,Thin & thick film scrap,Connectors,Contacts,Precious Metal plated Items: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium,Karat Gold Scrap,Gold Filled,Gold Plated,Silver .999,Platinum Scrap,Palladium Scrap,Rhodium,Dental Gold,Silver .925,Catalytic Converters,Aluminum Rims,Clean Radiators,Aluminum Engine Blocks,Lead Acid Batteries,Engine Blocks,Copper (bare bright, #1, #2, light copper #3),Wire (all types),Lead Acid Batteries,Copper & Aluminum Radiators
Electronics General scrapCD and DVD,Cellular Phones, Commercial Radio, Desktop Computers, Fax Machines, Keyboards, Laptop Computers, Modems, Palm Tops, Printers, Scanners, Used Televisions, VCR, Video Cameras, Walkie Talkie,CPU Chips (Ceramic or Fiber),Memory,Servers,Hard Drives,Hard Drive Boards,Motherboards- with batteries removed,Power Supplies with wires intact,CD Drives,Electronic Components,Connectors,CPU Chips,Memory,Semi conductor wafers,Hybrid packages,Microwave components,Excess and outdated inventory,Stampings,Pins,E-scrap,All gold plated items

Exhausted Inc

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Mr.Luke Jorjorian
363 Franklin Street
Worcester-MA 01604
United States United States
Phone : +508-791-2323
Fax : +508-795-7869

Exhausted Inc. we have over 35 years experience in the precious metals industry and the recycling industry. Over the years we have done business with clients across the world and have been able to continuously grow our resources to help broaden our capabilities to service our customers. We have worldwide resources that are R2 certified, RoHas certified, ISO certified, WEEE certified and environmentally green companies that service our needs and the needs of all our customers. Therefore, whatever processes that we do not handle internally we make sure that your material is always handled in an environmentally and responsible manner. Our specialties include catalytic converters, x-ray film, oxygen sensors, computer scrap, copper wire recycling, purchasing precious metals, recycling of gold and recycling of any material containing precious metals.

Material We Purchase
Copper (bare bright, #1, #2, light copper #3), Wire (all types), Lead Acid Batteries, Copper & Aluminum Radiators, Aluminum,Rims,  Siding, Cast Aluminum, Bearings, Heat Transfers, Radiators (Clean and Copper Mixed), Engine Blocks (Clean and Mixed),Brass        Pure Brass,Mixed Brass, Spent Ammo,Plumbing Fixtures,Stainless Steel,Clean Only,Non Magnetic,CPU Chips (Ceramic or Fiber),    Memory,Servers,Hard Drives, Hard Drive Boards,Motherboards- with batteries removed,Power Supplies with wires intact,CD Drives
We buy any amount of material and pay on the spot based on up to date prices. We will take the time to sort through your material with you to ensure you are getting top dollar for all of your material.**No Ferrous Metals Accepted**.

Recycle all forms of x-ray film. Our operation allows us to process your silver bearing material and ensures you will get the most payable silver out of your material. Rather than using a burn process, we use an enzyme wash that is more efficient than burning and results in little to no silver lost in the process (We are a Green company). We abide by all HIPAA laws and offer certificates of destruction at your request. Thirty five years and world wide connections in the precious metals industry always at work for you.

Exhausted Inc. cut and process large quantities of catalytic converters every year. We have a cutting operation that allows us to de-can the catalyst material, recycle the 400 series stainless steel shells, recycle the stainless steel mesh contained in the converters, recover the contents of the O2 sensors (platinum–contained within the sensors), and refine the precious metals of all the converter matrix so customers get the full value for every converter.  Over the years we’ve worked to cut out the middle men and eliminate any guessing when it comes to knowing the value of the material. We are constantly searching for new sources to improve the payout on any material to ensure our customers continue to get the money they deserve. We are always working hard to ensure our customers get top dollar for their material.We buy and recycle large quantities of #1,2 copper products such as insulated copper wire, bare wire, soldered piping. We also recycle large quantities of electronic scrap, catalytic converters, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and much more.

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