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Mr.Suresh T. Pujari
Y-36 Okhla Industrial Area-2
New Delhi-110020
India India
Phone : +91-11-41636363
Fax : +91-11-41737373

GLDX-C New Generation Broad Spectrum Disinfectant & Sanitizer Chlorine dioxide is intended for agricultural, commercial, industrial, medical and residential use. The agricultural premises and equipment uses include the disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment (such as hatching facilities and mushroom houses) and water systems (such as chiller water and humidification water in poultry houses). Commercial, industrial, and medical uses include disinfection of hard surfaces (e.g., floors, walls, and laboratory equipment), human drinking and industrial cooling water systems, pulp/paper mills, and food rinses. Residential uses include disinfection of swimming pools, hard surfaces (e.g., floors, bathrooms).

Heating ventilating and air-conditioning systems, and pool and spa water circulation system treatments. This Product is used by governments to combat bio-terrorism, disease control, public health safety, public transport safety, tourism & convention safety, veterinary hygiene, aquaculture management, hospitals, food-processing and water treatment. Other industrial uses of liquid chlorine dioxide include: • Bleaching pulp and paper • Bleaching textiles • Washing fruit and vegetables • Disinfecting flume water • Disinfecting meat and poultry • Disinfecting food processing equipment • Sanitizing water • Controlling odors • Treating medical wastes • Treating municipal water For community services we would provide free of cost.

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