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General General scrapBatteries,Copper,Batteries, Cooking Oil and Grease, Cooking Utensil, Lead, Oils and Petrochemical,, Rubber Tubes, Sheet Iron, Textiles, Used Auto parts, Used Automotive Oil, Used Trucks, Used Wooden Furniture, Wooden Pallet,Copper
Plastic General scrapOld Cable or Old Cordage,Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bubble Bags, Plastic Cans, Plastic Poly Bags
Electronics General scrapCellular Phones,Scanners,Desktop Computers, Fax Machines, Laptop Computers, Monitors, Multiline Phones, Printers, Satellite TV,Scanners, Single Line Phones, Video Cameras

Hayat Europe

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Mr.Mazhar Hayat
Ul. Wspolna 50a / 35
Poland Poland
Phone : +965-9-97209440

we are supplier of HMS,Shredded 211, Cooper, Plastic, used cloth and Used battery , Lead battery to our Asian Buyers. we are providing the material USA,Canada & Europe.

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