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Hilos Plasticos Del Ste

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Mr.Jose Luis Gomez
Calle 54 No. 640-B Entre 85 Y 87
Mexico Mexico
Phone : +52 -999-9280877
Fax : +52 -999-9246336


The plastics commonly used in industry and even in everyday life are products with a very limited capacity for self-destruction and therefore remain for many years as waste, pollution it produces.
Moreover, most plastics derived from petroleum, an increasingly expensive and scarce product, and consequently, a good to preserve.
Consequently, it is increasingly clear that the recovery of plastic debris for two main reasons is necessary: The pollution they cause and the economic value they represent.

Plastics manufacture and market products of the highest quality, with modern technology to meet and / or extend expectations of our clients and projects, producing items with quality materials and pigments, providing solutions and services, stabilizing the company and the development and welfare all cooperating in this, ensuring durability and innovation in our products.
Always care quality, satisfying our customers is why we focus on providing solutions and services, applying our experience in innovation and quality covering your expectations and planned projects.

I buy scrap PP ( film,grind, and others ), I recycle for me, we have injection molding machines for make plastics housewares

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