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J.b. Plastics

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Mr.Chad Mcdonald
1921 E. Edinger Ave.
Santa Ana-92705
United States United States
Phone : 8888784588
Fax : +937-652-0443

JB Plastics is an industry leader in high end custom injection-molded products.  We have been a family owned and operated business for over 10 years with over 60 years of experience. From concept design and development to product distribution, we aim to fill all your manufacturing needs.

JB Plastics is in operation 24 hours a day, six days a week. With our high capacity and available machine time, we are able to produce both small and large production runs in excellent turnaround times. Due to our extended operation hours, we are able to do rush jobs of all sizes, including the creation of molds. While we are always busy, we can always find time to get your product on a machine. We run large productions and we run small scale productions, and we run all the time.   

JB Plastics was started in 2000 by two long time business partners and friends.  They started with two machines, a warehouse and a single product. At JB Plastics, we understand that many of our country’s greatest ideas start small. We are committed to not only helping our large industrial and commercial customers but also to our small start-up customers. We won’t reject small projects out of principle. We will work even with one man companies. Whether you are mass producing a line or are looking to create and run your first product, we can help you from start to finish. From idea conception to delivery of the product, JB Plastics can help you bring your products to life.

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