Items we sell

General General scrapBeverage Can
Paper General scrapBooks
Plastic General scrapOld Cable or Old Cordage
Electronics General scrapVCR

Items we buy

General General scrapAluminum Foil, Beverage Can,Construction and Demolition Debris, Food and Beverage Cans,Glass Bottles, Pie Plate,Precious Metals, Sheet Iron, Steel and Tin, Used Auto parts, Used Buses, Used Trucks, Used Vans, Waste Wood, Wooden Pallet,Zinc, Copper
Paper General scrapBooks, Cardboards, Computer Paper,Envelope, Magazines and Catalogs, Newspaper, Paper Bag, Paper Boxes, White Office Paper
Plastic General scrapMilk and Water Jugs, Old Cable or Old Cordage, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bubble Bags, Plastic Canvas, Plastic Covers,Plastic Newspaper, Bags
Electronics General scrapCD and DVD, Cellular Phones, Desktop Computers, Keyboards, Laptop Computers, Monitors, Multiline Phones, Printers, Remote Control, Satellite TV,Scanners, Single Line Phones, Used Televisions, VCR, Video Cameras

Jk002 - Jkrogstad002

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