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General General scrapScrap Metal,Wood,Framing,Concrete, Stone, Blocks,Brick,Stucco, Siding, Roofing,Cardboard, Pallets,Flooring, Tile, Carpet,Landscaping Debris, Sand, Gravel, Dirt , Rock, Sheetrock
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Junk Junkies Llc

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Mr.Sid Dimanche
229-19 Merrick Boulevard Suite #345
United States United States
Phone : +646-299-1449
Fax : +718-341-1879

Junk Junkies Llc offer affordable rates, convenient scheduling and even same-day service! And we’ll haul as little as one item or as much as multiple truckloads. When it comes to junk removal, no job is too big or small. We take care of every step of the process from pick up to disposal, and we do all the loading and cleanup ourselves (you don’t even need to bring your junk to the curb)!

Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Schools, Health Care,Restaurants,Office/Apartment Buildings,So whether your needs are residential or commercial, trust the experts at Junk Junkies to get the job done right; call us today and get a free estimate!

  •     Scrap Metal
  •     Wood & Framing
  •     Concrete, Stone, Blocks & Brick
  •     Stucco, Siding & Roofing
  •     Plastic, Cardboard, Pallets
  •     Flooring, Tile, Carpet
  •     Landscaping Debris
  •     Sand, Gravel, Dirt & Rock
  •     Sheetrock

Furniture, antiques, bronze, metals, woodGeneral Aluminum Foil Batteries Beverage Can Brass and Bronze Cooking Utensil Copper Demolition Debris Exotic Metals Food and Beverage Cans Glass Bottles Glass Windows Rubber Lead Leather Light Bulb Lumber and Wood Magnesium Minerals Nickel and Cobalt Passenger Tires Precious Metals Rubber Tubes Sheet Iron Shredded Tires Steel and Tin Textiles Used Wooden Furniture Waste Wood Wooden Pallet.

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