Items we sell

General General scrapscrap metal
Electronics General scrapused or scrap computer, mOTHER,board, monitor etc

Items we buy

General General scrapBeverage Can,Construction and Demolition Debris, Food and Beverage Cans,Passenger Cars, Sheet Iron, Steel and Tin, Used Buses, Used Trucks, Used Vans, used rails, compressed cars
Electronics General scrapCellular Phones, Desktop Computers, Keyboards, Monitors, used or scrap computer, mOTHER,board, monitor etc

Magnet Trading Co., Inc.

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Mr.Fazle Sidd
2001 Caitlin Drive
United States United States
Phone : +1-469-2934094

Magnet Trading Co., Inc.  mainly Buy & Sell metal scrap for iron re-rolling and steel mills. Used rails, ship breaking, compressed cars etc. Buyers are mostly in Asia and sellers are preferably in USA & Europe.

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