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Missouri Plastics, LLC

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Mr.Marco M. Otten
4751 State Hwy Y
Jackson-MO 63755
United States United States
Phone : +1-573-334 7880
Fax : 1-573-6513904

Missouri Plastics, LLC, a plastics and paper recycling company.Post industrial recyclers generating among others the following material: HDPE PP ABS PC ABS PET POLYESTER PU Foam OCC SWL SOW LDPE HIPS Please contact us with whatever you need, since our inventory changes daily.

Missouri Plastics waste reduction through recycling is our number one goal. As a result we offer to your company at no charge a waste assessment intended to help identify measures you can take to reduce the amount of waste your organization generates. An assessment can help you identify waste reduction opportunities and establish a base line for measuring progress. Encouraging management to make your waste reduction program a priority and maintaining employee involvement will be a contributing factor in the success of your waste reduction program. Contact us today for a waste and implement recycling programs tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing plant, our supplier of recycled feed stocks. Missouri Plastics has implemented a number of environmentally focused programs over the years.  Programs that enhance the recoverability in revenues for companies with costly waste issues.

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