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Onl Technique Sdn Bhd

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Mr.Suleman Adams
318c, Lorong Selangor,Taman Melawati
Kuala Lumpur-53100
Malaysia Malaysia
Phone : +60-378-061483
Fax : +60-327-105588

ONL PLASTICS is specialised in the Recycling and International trade with the support of regular leading buyer in all types of high quality plastics, rubbers, additives raw materials and semi finished products in scrap, offgrade, prime, grinoud, powders, regranulate, resin, offcuts, pellets, fibre agglomerate, purge, film, bottles, rolls, bales, sheets forms in mono and mixed colour, from (post) industrial and consumer waste for worldwide customers. Why don't you give us a try. ONL recycling is a full service recycling firm. We manage virtually all post industrial and post consumed plastics, rubbers, additives and polymers recyclable materials. Our services includes industrial and commercial waste recycling administration, transportation, universal waste handling, purchase and sale of post industrial or post consumed plastics, waste composition studies and many more. We are selling PET bottles flakes ( washed and unwashed,white, blue, green or mixed), PET bottle lumps, POP CORN, PET Preform Regrind, production natural lumps / rock, PET film flakes bales, PET fiber/thread, filament yarn and PET off-grade repro pellets and regranulate. We are also handing PET- G clear and blue tinted from sheets and film.

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