Items we sell

General General scrapBatteries, Beverage Can,Brass and Bronze, Magnesium, Sheet Iron, Shredded Tires
Electronics General scrapCD and DVD, Desktop Computers, Keyboards, Laptop Computers, Modems, Monitors, Printers

Items we buy

General General scrapAluminum Foil, Batteries, Beverage Can,Brass and Bronze, Construction and Demolition Debris, Exotic Metals, Magnesium, Nickel and Cobalt, Sheet Iron, Shredded Tires, Steel and Tin, Zinc, Copper
Electronics General scrapCD and DVD, Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Modems, Monitors, Printers, Scanners

Pc Products

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1875 Big Timber
United States United States
Phone : 1-847-888-8400

IT Technology and the purchase thereof is a competitive advantage that too many companies don’t fully leverage as much as they could. This is primarily due to not having the right technology staff or vendor partner working on the behalf your best interest.

PC PRODUCTS has provided its clients with a mix of professional services and technology expertise to succeed and gain a competitive edge. Our team of motivated and highly-skilled associates takes the time to understand your needs. We deliver technology solutions and support services that are designed exclusively for you and will drive meaningful results at reduced cost.

We are refurbishing computer , laptop server on wholesale market. We lots of time scrape metal,plastic,copper, alluminium, circuit board

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