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Precision Automotive Industries

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Mr.Gary Braut
17502, Jalan 4, Taman Selayang Baru, Industrial Area
Kuala Lumpur-68100
Malaysia Malaysia
Phone : +6-03-61386200
Fax : +6-03-61386206

Precision Automotive Industries (PAI) consists of six remanufacturing operating divisions:-
    Alternators & Starter
    Air-Con Compressors
    Surplus Spark Plugs
    CV Joints
    Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps
We are dedicated to supplying the industry with the most complete line of product. We are using the company's broad research and development resources.Organized to help bring manpower and machine power together, Precision teams the most talented engineering minds in the industry. Our products are delivered via a network of strategically located bonded warehouses.Quality, safety and the environment are our prime concerns !!! Together , we are committed to providing quality and environment assurance by continuous improvement through Total Quality Management ("T.Q.M").

PAI computerized systems is designed and programed to ensure efficiency and quality in entire company operation. Quality control data, for example, is fed daily into programs specifically for engineering and quality analysis. Computerization allow PAI maximum efficiency methods for inventory control, production and shipping.

PAI sales and marketing team are professionals who provide customers with information concerning products, technical data and ordering process. The modern telemarketing facility means your personal sales representative is someone familiar with the needs of your business and is immediately available to serve you.PAI frequently publishes new product brochures and technical bulletins. Call Toll Free:1-800-333 3127 and ask for your latest copies today!!!We are a leading buyer and seller of used alternators/ starters/ ac compressors/ ball bearings/ rack & pinion/ carburetors/ distributors/ scrap alternators/ scarp starters/ scrap ac compressors, etc.

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