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General General scrapRubber Tubes, Used Auto parts, Used Automotive Oil, plastics
Plastic General scrapMilk and Water Jugs, Old Cable or Old Cordage, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bubble Bags, Plastic Cans, Plastic Canvas, Plastic Covers,Plastic Machine Parts, Plastic Newspaper, Bags, Plastic Poly Bags, Plastic Zipper Bags


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Mr.N Hussain
9 Kennard Road
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Phone : +44-079-89381725

We are authorized agents for a Scrap company based in London , England. We have clean plastic scrap available on monthly basis from different industrial companies all over United Kingdom. Currently we got following plastic scrap ready to deliver any where on P.O.R basis. Please view the pictures, taken from real scrap. 1) HDPE crate, regrind from Post industrial, 100MT per month. 2) LLDPE lumps from factory, Extrustion Scarps dirct come off the machine. 50MT/100MT per month. 3) PP woven bag in baled, 60MT/per month 4) PP Auto Battery Shell, cut in piece or regrind form. Available on demand 5) Large quantities of Silicone Scarps, 60MT per month 6) Nylon 6 scarps, 100MT/per month 7) Nylon 66 scarps available, 100MT/per month 8) Polyester Yarn wastes, Oriented Yarn, 400MT per Month 9) PC water bottle both in regrind or baled, 100% PC 40MT per month 10)PC bottle grade lupms, direct from the factory's machines. vrigin material. 40MT per month 11)PC baby bottle available to sell, 100% PC, regrind, wased and dried, 60MT per month 12)PC natural clear regrind from post industrial, 60MT per month 13)PET post consumer Flakes natural clear washed no rings, no caps, PVC contamination less than 0.05%, 500MT-1000MT per month 14)PET post consumer bottle in baled, 100MT-500MT per month 15)PET lumps, textil grade, 100% PET, no PVC or other contamination. 16)ABS/PC Repor, both in light or dark colour, 100-200MT/per month 17)ABS computer shell from monitor, available 80MT, we can sell it in regrind form, or if you like it in baled

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