Items we sell

General General scrapCooking Oil and Grease,Iron,Flatten,Crush Cars,Bale Tin,Shred Nonferrous Materials,Cars ,Trucks,Junk Appliances.
Electronics General scrapCellular Phones, Fax Machines, Laptop Computers, Multiline Phones, Palm Tops, Scanners, Video Cameras

Items we buy

Plastic General scrapCrush Cars,Bale Tin,Shred Nonferrous Materials,Cars and Trucks,Junk Appliances,Iron

Scrap Inc

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Mr.Smith Terry
1751 N Green Street
United States United States
Phone : +323-364-2415

Scrap Inc  are into sales of Saloon Hair dresser and we give good service and fast delivery to any where in the world.At Scrap Inc. our shredding equipment can handle virtually any waste reduction requirement.One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure with Scrap, Inc. No matter what manner of commercial or industrial scrap metal you have, we can handle it and give you a great price. We are the best and quickest way to turn your scrap metals into cash. Our services include,Purchase Scrap Metal Iron,Purchase, Flatten and Crush Cars,Bale Tin,Shred Nonferrous Materials,Cars and Trucks,Junk Appliances.

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