Items we sell

General General scrapAirplane Tires,Aluminum Foil, Brass and Bronze, Chemical, Minerals, Nickel and Cobalt, Pie Plate,Precious Metals, Sheet Iron, Steel and Tin, Zinc

Items we buy

General General scrapAirplane Tires,Aluminum Foil, Beverage Can,Brass and Bronze, Chemical, Exotic Metals, Lead, Magnesium, Minerals, Nickel and Cobalt, Precious Metals, Sheet Iron, Shredded Tires, Steel and Tin, Zinc
Plastic General scrapPlastic Poly Bags
Electronics General scrapCellular Phones, Desktop Computers, Fax Machines, Laptop Computers, Printers

Speed Mobile

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Mr.Anil Kumar
144 Cedar Grove Lane
United States United States
Phone : +908-412-9992

Buy and sell scarpe metal in United States and overseas. We only by large amounts of scrape to sell and ship to different places. Bridges, Aircarfts, Ships etc.

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