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Star Trading Company

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Mr.Abderahman Aoueriaghel
Koningin Astridlaan 8
Belgium Belgium
Phone : +32-475-611309
Fax : +32-3-8663777

Large collection of used and/or scrap materials. Alimium, steel, inox, coper, tin, iron... Item Qty (mt) Ferro Vanadium 3.678 Ferro Molybdenum 23.157 Chrome Granules 66.500 Silicon Metal 40.118 Chrome Steel Balls 69.282 Cr Steel Balls + Pig Iron 35.100 Aluminum Scrap in Bulk 330.400 Aluminum Scrap Gears 106.350 Aluminum Scrap Notchbars 97.150 Aluminum Scrap Mixed 37.100 Aluminum Scrap Gears/Blocks 112.900 Aluminum Scraps 36.200 Used Telephone Relay 2,000.300

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