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Electronics General scrapCD and DVD

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Paper General scrappost industrial PC CD case, PE file
Plastic General scrapMilk and Water Jugs, Old Cable or Old Cordage, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bubble Bags, Plastic Cans, Plastic Canvas, Plastic Covers,Plastic Machine Parts, Plastic Newspaper, Bags, Plastic Poly Bags, Plastic Zipper Bags

Sun Sang Chemicals Processing Co. Ltd

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Hong Kong
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Sun Sang Chemicals Processing Co. Ltd 1.PC bottle regrind, blue tint, 2.PC CD in PS clear case 3.PC CD demetalized, n/c and tint color 4.PC lump, clear color, extrusion grade 5.DVD metalized 6.PE film clear roll 7.PE film clear bale 8.PE sheet roll/bale 9.PE ball, natural color 10.PMMA sheet and offcut 11.PMMA scrap 12.PMMA bead 13.PP lump, bumper grade 14.PP bag scrap 15.PP repro pellet, gray color 16.PP film 17.PS lump, white color, 18.PS ball, milky white, 19.PS lump, colored 20.PE powder, white color 21.PS regrind, natural color 22.POM regrind 23.EVA bag scrap, 24.EVA clear bale 25.K-resin 26.AS pellet (SAN) pellet/regrind 27.MS sheet 28.Diaper scrap.

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