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Tnt Valves

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Mr.Tony Costello
14603 Summerway
United States United States
Phone : +925-281-4406200

T&T Valve & Surplus is a Houston based company located in Texas. We have been providing Industrial services to customers in the oil and gas, pulp and paper, petrol-chemical Refineries Pharmaceutical companies, steel-mills and demolition contractors throughout the U.S. since 1992. T&T prides itself on being a one stop company for all your investment recovery needs. We have full knowledge Of all environmental issues and manage according to standards developed by our clients and there respective Industry. All of our disposal processes as well as our safety program meet policies and guide lines of our clients Convert your surplus equipment to cash when your product stops being productive for your company.

T&T will pay a competitive price for your new and used industrial equipment so you can convert surplus equipment into working capital for your business fast. you don't have to sell your idle equipment at auction prices .T&T will buy, sell,trade and consign all types of process equipment. Additionally our metal recycling facility can maximize the return on all scrap. We buy entire plants or individual units from plants, shut down's or plants turn around. we can also remove equipment from service that we buy. we purchase entire lay-down areas or bone-yards and we provide total cleanup and removal services.

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