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Ms.Marianne Love
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We sell large quantities of used passenger and truck tires and casings, shred, rubber crumb and scrap tyres.Tyres Reclaimed believe in sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling methods in Australia or overseas.Tyre derived fuel is usually in the form of shredded or chipped material with most of the metal wire from the tyre removed.This fuel has a very high energy content.  Tyres produce the same energy as petroleum and approximately 25% more energy than coal so are a very good fuel in kilns.

Tyres can be crumbed to a fine rubber power which can be added to roads, play Used tires in the form of tyre crumb can be added to asphalt to prevent cracking in roads.  It can be used on surfaces such as playgrounds and tennis courts.There are a wide variety of uses for tyre crumb and research and development teams are finding more all the time.  The benefit of tyre crumb recycling is most of it can be absorbed locally reducing exporting costs etc.

Pyrolysis breaks down tyres and other materials in the absence of oxygen and is one of the most environmentally effective ways to deal with a range of waste materials. The pyrolysis process can be used as an alternative energy source and can be used to produce environmentally clean electricity. This along with the waste tyre problem in Australia is our drive to create a pyrolysis plant to explore another much more valuable use for the end of life tyres.

Baled tyres are passenger and truck tyres compressed into blocks for more efficient loading and transportation.Hydraulic baling machines are used to compress the tyres into large blocks with wire straps around them to hold them in place.  The weight of a tyre bale depends on the baling machine and can weigh from 500kgs to 2 tonne.Due to their size mining tyres can be difficult to dispose of and can end up a problem for recycling operators.Tyres Reclaimed sells mining tyres for recycling and where possible retreading for reuse.

Full tyres are loaded into containers or with larger sizes they are cut up and loaded into containers.Tyres Reclaimed sells tyres for retreading and re-use.  We supply customers with truck and light truck tyres for retreading plus some sizes of passenger tyres.The most common sizes of casings we sell are truck sizes 11R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 275/70R22.5. Contact us with your requirements.Large cutting machines can shred and chip tyres into smaller sizes.  The size of the shred depends on the machine.  The shred can be easily transported and recycled locally or overseas.

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