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Mr.Dennis Riley
5711 Industry Lane Suite 30
United States United States
Phone : 301-937-8220

Usa Salvage I am a Broker Helping Salvage Yards Sell their Core Products at the Best Prices ---- I Help People Buy & Sell Salvage Yards -- I find Donation Cars for Churches That go to Salvage Yard -- I work as an Agent for Core Buyers.

Many factors are considered when arriving at the market value of a business. The market itself is the final determines the value. Theoretically, a businesses value is determined by evaluating the assets to be sold and the potential income those assets have and will generate for the potential buyer. For more information contact the corporate office today at 301-937-8220 or contact your Broker directly using the contact information in the left menu bar if available.
Most businesses are sold as “asset sales” versus stock transfers. (Asset sales offer much less risk for a buyer, as any “hidden” liabilities are the responsibility of the seller.) Consequently business owners will probably retain certain assets and may pay certain bills and the company’s financial information must be adjusted for these items. Typical examples of assets retained are cash in the bank, vehicles, life insurance policies, etc. Additionally, in order to properly value a business the company’s financial reports for tax purposes must be adjusted to reflect the true financial performance of the business. Tax charges such as excess depreciation or charges for “extra” company vehicles must be added back to taxable income. These are just a few of the adjustments and considerations taken into account in order to value a business.
Once these adjustments have been taken into account generally there are two ways to arrive at the value of a small business. One method uses the company’s ability to generate sales, cash flow and/or profits. The second method is to value the company based on its assets. The method used depends on the condition of the business and the industry it is in. However, a business, like any other asset, is worth what a buyer is willing to pay and what an owner is willing to accept. Beltway Business Brokerage is qualified to advise you on the value of your business.

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