Items we sell

General General scrapAluminum Foil, Batteries, Brass and Bronze, Construction and Demolition Debris, Exotic Metals, Light Truck Tires, Passenger Tires, Sheet Iron, Steel and Tin, Used Trucks, Used Vans, Zinc
Paper General scrapCardboards

Items we buy

General General scrapAluminum Foil, Beverage Can,Brass and Bronze, Exotic Metals, Nickel and Cobalt, Passenger Cars, Precious Metals, Sheet Iron, Steel and Tin, Used Auto parts, Used Trucks, Used Vans, Zinc

Whitley's Truck And Salvage

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Ms.John Whitley
1245 Atlantic Ave
Rocky Mount-27801
United States United States
Phone : +252-236-8237

Buyer and seller of scrap metal, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, and brass. We also buy and sell trucks and junk cars. We scrap out industrial buildings and clean up scrap goods in residential places.

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