PIR Control IR IC

  • Unit : piece
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  • Quantity: 300000pcs/day
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Details :
PIR Control Infrared Ray Integrated Circuit BISS0001 is section has compares the high performance sensor the signal processing integrated circuit. Outside it matches to the heat releases the electricity infrared sensor and is few meets the primary device constitution passive form the heat to release the electricity infrared switch. It can automatic fast open each kind of incandescent lamp, the fluorescent lamp, the buzzer, the automatic valve, the electric fan, the dryer and automatically washes the hands installment and so on pond, specially is suitable for the enterprise, Sensitive areas such as the hotel , market , storehouse , corridor of the family , corridor ,etc., or is used in automatic light , the illumination and warning system of the safe area. The customer of interest can buy the print to test . Craft , *CMOS of characteristic , * count mould mix , * have independent high input impedance operation amplifier * internal two-way ancient bronze mirror pieces of device can inhibit from , interfere with * set up the time timing of the delay effectively Device and blockade time timer * adopt 16 foot DIP encapsulate , in charge of foot picture Operation principle BISS0001 is by the operation amplifier , voltage comparator , state controller , delay time timer and blockade time timer ,etc. number mould that commit mix the special-purpose integrated circuit.

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