PIR Motion Detector Module

  • Unit : piece
  • Packing : On Request
  • Quantity: 300000pcs/day
  • Price: On Request
Details :
PIR Motion Detector Module Motion detector module uses a motion detector IC andPCB mounted Fresnel lens. SB0061 is a pyroelectric sensor module which developed for human body detection. A PIR detector combinedwith a fresnel lens are mounted on a compact size PCB together with an analog IC, SB0061, and limitedcomponents to form the module. High level output of variable width is provided. Features and Electrical Specification Compact size (24 x 32 mm) Supply current: DC5V-20V(can design DC3V-24V) Current drain :< 50uAVoltage Output: High/Low level signal;3.3V(Other choice: Open-Collector Output)TTL output High sensitivity Delay time;5s-18 minute(as customer requirement) Operation Temperature: -15oC -70 oC Infrared sensor: dual element, low noise, high sensitivity Light sensor: CdS photocell (can be add as customer requirement) Optional Information - Payment : TT, Western Union - Delivery : 3 working days - Origin : China - Minimum Order : 1000pcs - Packaging : 100pcs

Contact details

Shenzhen Senba Optical Electronic Co., Ltd
Ms.Stana Young
Building 4, Huawan Industrial Zone, Gushu, Xixiang Street, Bao'an Dist
Shenzhen -518102
China China

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